Questions and Answers

In this place describe everything that you'd like to share with your customers. Precise presentation of frequently asked questions (FAQ) will not only allow buyers to quickly access the answers, but it will minimize the amount of e-mails and phone calls to customer support. This way, you concentrate on selling!

1. What is SaaS? 
SaaS (Software as a Service) this is nothing else then software offered as a service through the Internet, something like a form of rental from the supplier. In this model, all duties associated with maintenance, upgrades, services are fulfilled by the provider. SaaS allows you to run a business with the latest technology trends, without time consuming deployments and big investments.
If starting Internet sales was something hard to imagine before and you were concerned about running an online store on your own, because of the lack of expertise, technical infrastructure or the need of purchasing a server, hiring an IT employee or an interactive agency - choosing a SaaS solution you needn't have to worry about all these issues. To perform online sales all you need is a device with access to the network. Forget about servers, developers or graphic designers, don't think about specialized agencies and finally start your business.

SaaS web shop is modular - so you decide how it should look like, you move around its elements to achieve the effect you want. Above this the admin panel of the store is easy to navigate and allows you to intuitively manage the shop. Having all these solutions, SaaS makes you avoid many additional, hidden costs. Did these arguments made your decision easier? I’m very happy about this :)

2. Does graphic in the store matters?
What makes stores become successful, likeable and recommendable as great places for shopping on the web, while others stay in their shade and never glow? The fact that someone owns a store and that it has a potential doesn’t guarantee its success. A sales tool, which is an online store, needs a finishing touch - such as adding solutions that involve the customers in the buying process. By this I mean conveniences like quick dispatch, mobile version, loyalty program - and of course the visual comfort that the customer needs. A well presented home page, catalog or individual products can determine visitors to buy. Graphics solutions play a great role in the store’s success.